When I was young, my dad rocked a film camera and I always loved being his model. Because I wasn’t fit to use a nice camera like his quite yet, I turned to disposable cameras. I took one everywhere I went and we often had to take multiple cameras to develop at once. Picking up prints after the long wait was the best feeling. Whether I was center of attention in a photo or I captured a special memory myself, there was something about having memories in hand that made me so happy!

Today, I stay behind the camera and capture the lives of others. Just like developing and picking up prints when I was a kid, I get just as excited when I hit send on a client gallery. In summary, I’m a native Austinite living my best life and capturing yours.

Main gig: I do a lot of event planning and people gathering as a communications and community engagement program manager.


  • Education: I graduated in 2015 from St. Edward’s University with a bachelor of arts in communications.

  • Causes I support: A big part of my heart lies with supporting companies and organizations who’s mission is to empower Latinas in my community.

    I volunteer in various capacities with Con Mi MADRE - a nonprofit organization that empowers young Latinas to pursue higher education all while involving their mother every step of the way.

  • Fun facts:

    • Aside from my full-time job and part-time photography business, I am also the Communications Director for Chingona Fest Texas.

    • I was terrified of dogs growing up but my first pup ever is a blue-nose pit bull named Otis. He loves cuddles and listening to me sing.