About Me

IMG_4954-1-2I’m so glad you’ve made it this far! My name is Anais, the gal behind the camera. I’m a self-taught photographer and proud native Austinite.

When I was young, my dad rocked a film camera and I always loved being his model. Because I wasn’t fit to use a nice camera like his quite yet I turned to disposable cameras. I took one everywhere I went and we often had to take multiple cameras to develop at once. Of course picking up the prints after the long wait was the best feeling. Whether I was center of attention in a photo or I captured a special memory myself, there was something about having tangible memories in hand that made me so happy!

Today, I stay behind the camera and capture the lives of others. Just like developing and picking up prints when I was a kid, I get just as excited when I hit send on a client gallery. Don’t be shy – let’s do this!

More about me:

  • My main gig: Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator for Central Health.
  • I have a degree in Communications from St. Edward’s University.
  • I am what you call an ambivert or extroverted introvert.
  • I was terrified of dogs growing up but my first pup ever is a blue-nose pit bull named Otis. He loves cuddles and listening to me sing.
  • I’m not huge on T.V. but can get lost in music.
  • I’m an only child but grew up down the street from a lot of my cousins.
  • In 2018 I tried to step up my travel game. So far, I’ve traveled to Guatemala and Mexico City. Next up are Denver, Colorado and back to Mexico to visit Tulum and Oaxaca.

Go ahead, shoot me an email. Let’s chat about your best life and how I can help capture it.